The MOST offensive thing Donald Trump said at Thursday night’s debate.

As a public speaking coach, I absolutely positively forbid my clients (those that are not running or in office) from mentioning anything even remotely political. After all, when you make a statement or joke that comes down on one side or the other, odds are good you’re offending about half the people in the room.
So I want to be clear; this post is not meant as an opinion or viewpoint on the Republican party – or any other party for that matter.  I am appalled by something Mr. Trump said in Thursday night’s debate that no one seems to have picked up on.

When asked by Megan Kelly to address his jabs and name calling of women, Mr. Trump responded, “It’s fun. It’s kidding. We have a good time.”

Calling women “fat pigs” “dogs” and “disgusting animals” is not “fun”.  It’s bullying, plain and simple. Mr. Trump explains it away as “kidding”.

But that’s what bullies do, right?  They name call, taunt and tease and then claim to be “kidding”, they say it’s all in “fun”. These explanations of Mr. Trump’s are not unfamiliar to anyone who was bullied as a kid. As we felt the sting of the insult, the bully tried to absolve him or herself of  any wrongdoing with the toss off, “Only kidding.” In other words, blaming the victim for taking the name calling to heart.

 As someone who (chronologically) is an adult – Mr. Trump should have abandoned this kind of “fun” long ago. As someone running for office – ANY office, I find it abhorrent. I cannot imagine any American wanting to be represented by someone who thinks name calling – bullying – is “fun”. It may be a “good time” for him. Being on the receiving end of his “fun” in not only not a “good time” for the recipient, it is not a good thing for our country.

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