Could I GET any luckier???

My sister, Diane Helbig, and me, circa 1995

In 2007, when I started bespeak, I knew I had a passion for presentations, but I had absolutely no idea how to be in business. I had always been employed by someone else, and someone pretty big.  Luckily for me, my sister is a business coach.  I have the good fortune of her  help and advice, cheering on and guidance 24 /7. 

My sister, Diane Helbig, lives in Cleveland, so all of this support is done long distance.  We often talked about how great it would be to do a day of workshops for small business owners and include my presentations/public speaking part into her everything else.  Logistics so far have prevented that from happening.

Well,  thanks to the miracle of modern technology ( and a little thing called Blog Talk Radio) I have been able to a guest on her bi monthly radio show.   I think quite a few people listened in, but I can tell you that no one had more fun than she and I.

Now that I think about it, that’s often the case for the two of us wherever we are, no matter what the occasion or how many other people are there.  She has been my best friend my whole life (and truth be told my only friend for the younger bossier part of it). 

Now despite years and distance, we can share business thrills and fun (and, yeah, she talks me of the ledge every once in a while) and its ups and downs just like everything else we’ve ever experienced.

I mean, really, could I GET any luckier?

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