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Here’s what clients are saying...


… the training you gave me has people saying to me ‘That is the best presentation I’ve ever seen.’

I mean … come on! You lit me on fire!!! So grateful. 🙂

Made a few of the changes, and my presentation already looks much better….and I feel so much better about it!! Whoa!!!! Changed my life!

Huge Success! Standing ovation. Everyone shook my hand … and thanked me.

… (my colleague) is presenting to our team + an outside team, and he’s using your tools, and I’m swooning and thinking of you!

… I’m also impressed by how much you’ve been able to synthesize raw material from so many different people and not only help us focus on the total story but also work with the group’s synergy.

You were so helpful to me and I know I did an excellent job that day.

… huge thank you for the hard work, energy and enthusiasm you put into making our retreat a fun and productive day … We walked away inspired and filled with new ideas on what we want to achieve, both individually and as a group.

… Your ardor, your clarity in conveying your message and your conviction to our efforts made an impact on everyone (I know this based upon their evaluation responses) …

Thank you for the amazing work you did with our staff and me. I cannot look at a power point without thinking ‘WWDD’ (What Would Debbie Do?)

Great presentation that we will all use. I am still getting comments.

… thank you so much for helping me through my speech! I received my first donation … You’re amazing! I felt so much more confidence in my speaking because I had a roadmap.”

The votes are in, Debbie. You were a hit. Feedback from the members was uniformly excellent.

You were exceptional, beyond amazing and the group can’t stop talking about you. Your time and generosity really comes through loud and clear, not to mention your keen knowledge, energy and passion …

I’m delighted to report that I have several speaking engagements lined up for the fall as a result of my talk - all paid. Yay!

Thank you so much for focusing me on the most effective approach. I have 6 solid contacts.

You gave such a good talk at the conference yesterday. Totally targeted, to the point, easy to understand, it was fabulous. It went by way too quickly.

Once again the reviews were great. I’m already getting requests from directors …

… I remembered all you said and my nervousness simply disappeared the moment I started to speak! You would have been so proud! I will be recommending you to everyone I know. You’re a miracle worker.

Thank you thank you thank you! Your workshop set the perfect tone for an exciting day of seminars at our annual conference this year … your enthusiastic interaction with the attendees helped make this year’s event arguably the best one yet!

I can’t stress enough how completely dynamic you were yesterday … you absolutely dazzled and inspired those women.

What a wonderful experience working with you! Thank you for your time, enthusiasm and commitment.

… I listened to everything you told me … It ended up being so fun! I got asked to give it 3 more times. But the best was that the next day I had e-mails & phone messages from complete strangers telling me how much they enjoyed it. And it never would have happened without you!”

I was blown away by your presentation! I am excited to put these tools into action for success!

The presentation went beautifully! It was a hit and I presented better than I ever had before. I received kudos for my material and my delivery.

Just wanted to let you know our CEO improved his speaking skills immensely thanks to you. … he’s relaxed, prepared and ready, and the visual part of his presentation is streamlined. Your lessons stay with us!

Thanks so much for your clarity and overall smarts! You have a wonderful way of collaborating and capacity to ‘get it’.

Great reviews (nothing lower than an 8!). I also had 26 of the 45 come give me their cards at the end to get a copy of the presentation hand out. 26!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unheard of really – that is a BIG percentage.

That was definitely me – petrified of getting up in front of people. since you gave your course I actually enjoy public speaking sometimes. Without a doubt, you provided us with the tools to prepare a speech or presentation that would keep the audience interested, and that removes the biggest fear of all.

The presentation was successful. The board unanimously adopted the proposal! …. Thanks for all of your great training!

Thank you so much for reading between all the emotions. It’s a hundred pounds off my back. Thanks for making me look like a star!

… it was the best outcome I have had to date – especially in terms of the number of people who gave me their cards at the end and came up and talked to me one on one!! I know our work together contributed to this success!

I could not have gotten here without you. I would still swimming around in circles like one of the idiot kid toys that swirls in a circle until you take the battery out

If it wasn’t for you, I'd still be floundering. I was a diamond in the rough and you polished me up.

Your coaching has permeated my communication style in many ways. … I am clearer and more genuine — and enthusiastic — in the messages I convey and as a result I can build trust sooner. Thanks to you!!!

… I gave the talk today and it was a big hit. The CEO was there and loved it and wants me to come speak to her staff!

You left your audience wanting more. Thanks for inspiring all of us to be better speakers!”

Thank you so much for such a lively and enlightening presentation. Your examples and anecdotes always are fresh and on target. You energized the attendees and gave everyone a lot of powerful ideas to consider. I was told by many on the way out what a great meeting it was.

You were a dynamo last night. You (gave) the audience confidence, self-esteem and a new perspective on career acceleration.

… one of the single best talks on speaking that I have experienced – very to the point, well organized, and best of all, memorable!

You rocked the room last night! …our guests were completely delighted…

Debbie, today was inspirational! Thank you for presenting such an informative workshop. Wow. It was great – and so are you!

Fabulous job today –everyone was raving.

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