do one thing

Today I celebrate having graduated from Jane Pollak’s 6 month private coaching program. To say it has been life changing would be an understatement. I have truly shifted, reframed, and moved forward in GIANT STEPS in every aspect of my life. One of the biggest things I got from my coaching experience was the idea of “doing one thing”. As an entrepreneur and single mother of three I was feeling overwhelmed at best and undone at worst by the mass and scope of some of the items on my “to do” list. we all have things we are better and worse at, and I, like most people, put off doing the things on the “worse at” list. Of course these are the very same things that have me up at three in the morning.
Jane helped me see that I only needed to tackle ONE thing a day; not the whole ginormous thing. One thing I could handle. One thing was doable. And even better, once I did the one thing I could feel GOOD about myself for the rest of the day instead of kicking myself around the block.
Amazingly, this whole DO ONE THING campaign has helped me make BIG strides in checking things off my “worse at” list. And I’m getting more sleep to boot.

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