REAL customer service starts before they’re even a customer

Years ago (this photo was taken in about 1997) I was desperate to get my 3 kids on an earlier flight to Cleveland Ohio. For the first time ever, I had booked us on a PM flight thinking I was booking us on an AM flight. As the weeks before the trip ticked by, I became more and more anxious about my odds of them going standby on an earlier flight.

The day before the trip, I called American Airlines, inquiring about the available seats on the earlier flights, and what it would cost to change my kids’ tickets. While there were seats available, the cost of the change was prohibitive; over $2,000 for the 3 tickets. Desperate, I called the Warren Travel Group ( ). I have never used this agency for travel, but I had met the owner a few days before at a networking event, and she’d impressed me. Boy was my initial impression right on.

A woman answered the phone on the second ring, politely informed me that Karen (the owner) had stepped out for a moment, and offered to help me. At about 190 miles an hour I explained my dilemma. She checked the flights, informed me that there were in fact plenty of seats still available, and then told me about an airline policy that would save me BIG bucks. I had only to call the airline within 12 hours of the upcoming flight and ask for a guaranteed change of flight at a cost of $50! “The airlines don’t advertise this.” she said, “and not all of them do it. But I know American does.”

Sure enough, 12 hours before my desired flight, I called American and secured seats for my kids for $50 each. How great was that???

I am now a customer of the Warren Travel Group for life. They provided me excellent customer service before I was even a customer!

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