Volkswagen Commercial: The Force: Why is this a great commercial?

This was by far my favorite commercial from last night’s Super Bowl. In fact, I’ve seen it twice again today and I think I like it better every time. So it gets me thinking, what is it about this ad that’s so appealing? I don’t think any of us would say it’s about the car. Unlike the Chrysler ads, it’s not about a city, a life style or a culture. I think it’s about something in us. I think it’s about the way the ad makes us feel. I think it takes us back to a part of us, or a part of our children that evokes a magical, powerful, anything is possible, I can move mountains (or maybe a golden retriever) kind of feeling. How does that feel? Inside? It’s a feeling presenters would be wise to evoke. May the force be with you.

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