Help! My attitude’s fallen and it can’t get up

Ask my sister, my brother, heck anyone who knows me. I am the eternal Pollyanna. Gullible some would say. Lord knows I’ve found myself in a pickle or two because of my eternally optimistic outlook. Pragmatic is not the first word that comes to people’s minds when describing me. “always smiling” would be more like it. but now, I’m horrified to say, my attitude has fallen and it’s struggling to get up.

I vowed yesterday to stop watching the news. This will probably take a 12 step program because i was mainlining CNN and MSNBC during the election. NO more. These guys are total doom and gloom. Yesterday I considered just napping all day; maybe catching episodes of “The Girls Next Door”. Why bother working? According to the Washington Post (as gleefully displayed on Morning Joe) we’re on the edge of a total economic melt-down, catastrophe, apocalypse, Sodom and Gomorrah… you get the picture. ay yi yi. gimme my mommy, and throw in some Twinkies while you’re at it.

Well, now I’m amusing myself. totally. Oops, there’s a smile. And I confess, I worked yesterday, and today, and I have a full day tomorrow… If I try really really hard, I can draw on the place in my brain that reminds me that this is AMERICA. The country people came to on ships, sleeping among livestock and strangers, in stormy seas, bringing barely ANY of their beloved “stuff”. This is what this country is made of. It’s made of US.

I’m an optimist because I was totally, purely, randomly lucky enough to be born HERE. Uh oh, my positive attitude, Pollyanna, sunny disposition’s knocking. Gotta go let it in.

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