the bliss in asking for help

Another confession: I’m a real do-it-myself-er. I mow my own lawn, rake my own leaves, shovel my own snow, clean my own house. When we renovated one of our bathrooms, I did the demo work myself. Smashing through walls with a hammer gave me LOTS of pleasure. Likewise, raking and shoveling and mowing. House cleaning; not so much.

But lately, and honestly for a long time now, I’ve had the nagging knowledge that I need help with my business. I’ve reached a certain level and I want to go higher, can go higher, need to go higher. But some days (today being one) I feel like I’m walking in circles, confused and anxious, swearing under my breath. “I’m alone! I need help!” my mind wails to itself. “But we don’t do that.” the stubborn part of my brain says, “We keep plugging away til we get it right. C’mon. You’re the queen of energy. Keep going long enough, you’re bound to get there.”

Probably true. But today I realized I don’t want to keep going alone pushing and pushing until I get it right. I want to get help from someone I respect and trust. Someone who’s way ahead of me, and has made a career out of helping people like me get there too.

So, I took a deep breath and reached out. I wrote the email, pleading for help and clicked send. I’ve gotta tell ya; I feel better already. In fact, I feel like I just made a really important step toward getting where I want to go. I’ll keep you posted.

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