Presenting without fear


Afraid of public speaking? Congratulations, you’ve got tons of company. If you think about it, when you’re giving a presentation and you’re nervous, it’s because you’re focusing on yourself and the fact that you’re standing in front of a group of people who are also focused on you. Then you start focusing on your nervous behaviors and wonder if your audience is focused on them as well. Am I right?

News flash! Your focus is in the WRONG place. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your presentation has very little to do with you, at least as far as the audience is concerned. It’s all about THEM. What are you saying that matters to them? What solutions are you providing to their problems? Are you saying it in a way the can grasp and hold on to? Are you throwing too much at them at once? Are you using words they don’t understand? THIS is the stuff they care about. honestly, if your hands shake a little, or your neck gets flushed, or you’re sweating , they may or may not notice it but I can pretty much guarantee they’re not going to care. (no offense). You only matter to them as far as what you’re saying has relevance and importance to them. They’re like every 15 year old you’ve ever known. It’s all about them. They know it, and once you know it you’ll concentrate your focus where it’s supposed to be – on them, and your nerves will take care of themselves.

Go get em.

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