The Gift of Public Speaking


I’m not talking about the gift of being a great speaker, as in the “gift of gab”. I’m talking about the gift you are giving your audience when you “give” a presentation. Think about it. If you’re doing it right (and if you’re not, why do it at all) you’ve given a great deal of thought to your audience, your main goal, and your content. Then, you’ve practiced and practiced, edited and edited again (and flossed every day too, right?) until you’ve got the perfect present, I mean, present-ation. See where I’m going with this?

Your presentation should be a present to your audience, not a method of torture and punishment. After all, what’d they ever do to you? More important, what would you like them to do? I’ll bet there is a pay off for you in there somewhere, even if it’s a simple as a heart-felt thank you. Give them something to thank you about! Give them the gift of a great present-ation and you’ll be heard.

go get ’em.

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