The amazing power of women

Sorry guys, it’s not that I don’t love you (and A LOT), and I’m not saying that there aren’t more than a handful of you who have helped me over and over and over, (Marc Tannenbaum, David Roth and Michael “the saint” Grimes come to mind immediately) but this past week I’ve been struck by the resilience, brilliance, and enormous generosity of spirit of women.

Where to begin? Karan Spanard is a consultant for BNY Mellon Bank and contacted me a few months ago about working with a few of their presenters for the upcoming SIBOS conference in Amsterdam. The referral itself would have been enough, but she has shepherded me through the process in such an amazing giving way. Thank you and thank you and thank you can never be enough.

I attended one of Jane Pollak’s “Remarkable Women” events last week and was blown away by every woman’s eagerness to really LISTEN and offer positive, supportive suggestions. Looking around the room I could see in each of the women’s faces an openness, an intense interest. Jane set the stage perfectly (and being surrounded by gorgeous Eileen Fisher clothing didn’t hurt either). It was a magical night.

On Tuesday of this week I had lunch with Jody Ferrer uber-connector and owner of The Perfect Promotion. She invited Jessica from co-communications, whom I’ve been wanting to meet for almost a year now. Jessica, without even having met me, connected me with Execsense, a company in San Francisco for whom I’ve been doing webinars. In the short space of an hour we had solved (minor) issues for Jody, talked about all kinds of connections we can make for one another, sprinkled with hilarious stories about our kids and significant others.

After lunch I sat down with Marjorie Luke, president of the West Hartford Chamber of Commerce and talked about terrific speakers for her “Women who mean Business” speaker series. Heidi Michaels, a life and sports coach, and Lisa Wexler, a TOP radio personality came immediately to mind, as did my dear friend Dale Allen. So charged up was I after telling Marjorie about these women I don’t even remember the drive home.

Brava! Ladies. Thank you ALL for energizing, inspiring and coming to my aid  every single day.

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