getting OUT

Having moved every year of my life as a kid ( no my dad was not in the military; it’s a long boring story…) I am pretty comfortable in a room full of strangers, and I really like networking events. In fact, networking and speaking are the two main marketing methods I’ve used to build my business. They’ve worked so well that until last night I’ve been too busy with clients to attend any networking events this year. Last night reminded me why I love networking and why it’s so important.

When you’re in business for yourself it can be really lonely. When I’m panicking about something I’m doing it alone, and when something great happens I’m jumping up and down in my office alone. Neither one feels as bad or good as it would were I sharing the feeling with someone else. Unfortunately, as a “solo-preneur” you can feel like you’re all BY yourself ; you forget that there are all kinds of great people out there just like you.

Last night I attended the Entrepreneurial Women’s Network‘s Grand Networking event, and did just that. What a great night! I connected with friends and colleagues from Jessica Bram to Gillian Anderson to Jane Pollak to Peggy Garbus. I saw current and former clients like Rita Smircich and Dr. Ann Abram and Maryann Donovan and the”glitter fairy” Laurie Davis. I met interesting dynamic women like Holly Hurd and Bonnie Marcus (the evening’s honoree). Rather than coming home tired I came home energized and inspired. Busy or no, I absolutely will not let months go by before my next outing. Getting OUT is absolutely a MUST for an extrovert solo-preneur like me.

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