Who wants a flawless diamond?

Recently I’ve been researching diamonds; the serious ones that adorn engagement rings. Learning about the 3 C’s; color cut and clarity, and all the ways that diamonds are ‘graded’. The idea is to own a diamond with as few flaws as possible. As close to flawless as you can get is the goal.

I’m thinkin’, “Why would I want a flawless diamond?” I’m flawed. The magic of finding the person you belong with, the person you want to spend your life with, is that they don’t mind your flaws. In fact, if you’re really really lucky they may even LIKE your flaws. And you feel the same way about their flaws.

We are all flawed. Every one of us. I think that’s what MAKES us beautiful. Certainly loving one another, flaws and all, is what makes love beautiful. Why not have a diamond that mirrors that?

p.s. I am now the proud proud owner and wearer of a flawed and beautiful diamond. Mounted on an engagement ring. Given to me by the love of my life, who loves me flaws and all.

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